About us

Finding a family surviving from four generation on his activity is unusual on this days. Lorenzini family today represented by a business company named “L. M.” on business since 1976 passing on from generations the art of wood work. The factory located in Camucia producing wise range of furniture like kitchens, sofa-bed, hand decorated cabinet, chair and sofa, chest and many others
On 1950 the Artigianato Lorenzini Shop opens his doors. Locate in the centre of the Town of Cortona when first open was only selling piece of furniture.

Today the shop offer many products; Like hand make Ceramics from Tuscany and Bassano Town (North Italy). The beauty of the olive trees wood shaped from precious master hands in to useful tools. Typical Tuscan paints printed on wood panels and famed, hand glass decorated in assorted colors, many others articles appreciate from costumers from all over the world.